Blockchain solutions to boost your business

Have an exclusive team develop custom software for your project and serve the community with cool apps and services.

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Web development & design

Web development & design rightArrow

Get an amazing design for your website with cool interactions and boost the engagement of your project

Blockchain solutions

Blockchain solutions rightArrow

Have a customized, smart contract powered application just for your project that will sky-rocket the value of the product

Amazing designs, in smart contracts and in beautiful webs

We are web designers and smart contract developers with specific experience in the NFT space

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Provide top tier value to your users

Engage with your community with cool applications exclusive to your brand

Tailored to your demands

Provide unique value to your community by allowing them exclusive access to custom-made applications.

Fast and efficient

We work following an agile approach that let us accellerate the deliveries while mainting a high-quality solution with special emphasis on best-practices, scalability and performance


We take care of all of the development process. We design and define the best arquitecture according to your needs, develop an escalable and performant solution and maintain the production environment.

Our Founders

Martín Schere

Joaquín Hoyos

What the clients say

The biggest personalities in the space who know how we work

Yeah this is awesome, it might sound exaggerated but you’ve made my day with this
ADA whale
This is super clean
Damn, what you build is beautiful!
Sam | #cNFT

Sam | #cNFT

This is exactly what the #CardanoCommunity needs.
Floatiez Collectibles CNFT

Floatiez Collectibles CNFT

The developers are very professional and know their stuff when it comes to Cardano and web design
Sergexzx (Ugly Bros)

Sergexzx (Ugly Bros)

Congrats to the team for pulling this off! All the best for the launch!


Professional devs that know what they are doing. Simple yet great looking designs
Nero (Baby Alien Club)

Nero (Baby Alien Club)


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